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My name is Kristin Matte and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator living and working in the Montreal area. 

I work on projects big and small. I spend my days working a 9 to 5, and my evenings and weekends designing, writing, reading and cooking.

I have a varied work background that includes odd jobs, retail, running a doggy daycare (until a friendly golden retriever left after a 2-week stay and I cried for several days) call-centre customer service and being a marketing assistant. 

I was a perpetual student for years, exploring many fields and taking in as much as I could. I have an honour's degree in Women's Studies from Concordia University and a technical degree in Graphic Design from Dawson College (as well as an Arts & Culture degree). 

My strongest attributes are a sharp sense of humour, a natural strength for organisation and a problem-solving nature. I'm also someone who is highly sensitive, so I have acute observational skills and understand the role context plays in all things. 

My personal projects often use humour to address heavy subjects. Lately I've been focusing on kindness and honesty as themes, since they're what I appreciate when I'm out in the world. 

I strive to be a creative ally to friends and family. I often volunteer my time for them, their tiny businesses and their passion projects. I'm lucky to be surrounded by caring folks who work in social service and non-profits, so I know how limited resources often are. Virtues don't pay the bills, so I also take on freelance work when I can.

Send me a note, I'll gladly discuss any project, big or small with you; even if that "project" is just saying hello.